Musicians for Wedding Receptions and Ceremonies
A wedding is a significant and unique event in everyone's life. To make this day unforgettable, every detail matters: the decor, the food, and of course, the musical ambiance. Choosing the right musicians for the reception and ceremony is crucial. This article explores why and how to select the perfect musicians for your wedding.   The Importance of Music at the Reception The reception is a convivial moment that typically follows the wedding ceremony. It's an opportunity for guests to congratulate the newlyweds, relax, and enjoy a moment of sharing. Music plays a key role in sett..
Cocktails in France: A Flourishing Culture
Cocktails hold an increasingly significant place in French culture, with a marked evolution over recent decades. Once limited to classics like the Martini, Bloody Mary, or Manhattan, the cocktail scene in France has greatly diversified, thanks to the creativity of mixologists and a growing demand for unique and sophisticated drinking experiences.   History and Evolution of Cocktails in France Cocktails made their appearance in France at the beginning of the 20th century, largely influenced by American culture. Cocktail bars multiplied after World War I, particularly in Paris, whe..
The "Vin d'Honneur" and Weddings: Tradition and Modernity
Introduction Weddings are celebrations rich in traditions, and among these, the "vin d'honneur" holds a special place. This convivial and festive moment allows the sharing of joy with a larger group of people, often beyond the close circle invited to the wedding meal. This article explores the origins, current practices, and key elements for organizing a successful "vin d'honneur."   Origins and Evolution of the "Vin d'Honneur" Historical Origins The "vin d'honneur" has its roots in 19th-century French traditions. Originally, it was a simple glass of wine offered to guests ..
Generally speaking, nostalgia refers to a pleasant feeling linked to a past memory. This is the feeling expressed in music by the extraordinary musician Patricio Cadena Pérez   Download the album for free : Nostalgias   The guitarist and composer Patricio Cadena Pérez has been selected twice to participate in the « Laureate Gala Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall » Patricio has been invited to take the stage of the famous Carnegie Hall in New York in April 2024. A fantastic opportunity to reach the level he deserves and to boost his artistic career! All of ..
Patricio Cadena Perez before New York
Meslay-du-Maine. Avant New York, il se produit à l’église de Saint Denis du Maine Le Carnegie Hall à New York est l’une des plus grandes salles de concert du monde. C’est ici que se produira en juin, Patricio Cadena Perez, installé à Meslay-du-Maine. C’est en surfant sur Internet qu’il a découvert les auditions pour le Gala des lauréats organisé dans cette mythique salle.  Je m’inscris sans vraiment y croire . Puis, il franchit les sélections.  J’ai d’abord envoyé deux vidéos puis j’ai joué en live en concert devant un jury. J’ai été sélectionné et j’ai..
Classical Guitar

La guitare classique que nous connaissons aujourd’hui est née courant 19ème siècle. Chaque luthier y a apporté sa touche afin d’obtenir actuellement des instruments de grande qualité, y compris dans les modèles d’entrée de gamme, et ceci grâce à la régularité de l’industrialisation.

À l’Encre. Patricio Cadena Perez en concert

Une maîtrise admirable et une émotion contagieuse...

Festival Musica Vini


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